Heart Core Women Retreat Holland - The New Tantra

 15 May
 Meeuwenveen, Havelte
  - 7971 - Havelte - Netherlands
 The New Tantra
Are you ready to open up powerfully as a woman? To live from a deeper core of love instead of drama and manipulation? To learn how to stay open in the middle of work, kids and relationships? To experience sisterhood from truth and support, instead of ‘social talk’ and competition? The Heart Core Women’s Retreat with The Big Mamma is created to let go of limited delusions of the mind and to empower ourself through being reminded by the beauty and the grace of our wisdom, craziness, innocence, sluttiness, dark & light powers and our love from the spiritual heart. In this workshop you will practice how to move into the heart and to open up powerfully as a woman from the One force that we are: LOVE. By recognising and restoring these divine qualities, we as women will be able to feel happy and way better capable to serve ourselves, the masculine and the world around us. The topics that we will explore on this retreat: How to: • open up our bodies and let go of our masculine shielding; • let go of bodily shame and learn how to find pleasure and joy in our bodies; • handle our emotions in a relaxed way • look at ourselves in a truthful way by recognizing our ego strategies • stop compromising with the world around us • switch between our feminine and masculine side • practice surrendering to the masculine • practice a mature relationship with a partner • truly unconditional give/serve without expectations • understand and imply feminine practices • heal issues with the feminine and create sisterhood from there • practically open our heart and live from love and a greater creativity • incorporate and express the different flavors of our feminine being We consider this workshop only for women with a strong core who really want to bring their state of being to a next level. Naturally we will create a safe and respectful environment of healing and supporting sisterhood. more information: mrsdiesel@thenewtantra.com Investment: 560.- including board and lodging sign ups: http://thenewtantra.com/calendar/holland-heart-core-womens-retreat-3

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