HAY1 - Hitbox Arena Year One Anniversary Tourney - PM - Melee - Smash 4 and YES...Brawl! - *Triple Elim on All Singles!!!

 30 May
 Hitbox Arena
 25 Kinnelon Rd - 07405 - Kinnelon - United States
 Hitbox Arena
Come Celebrate Hitbox Arena's Year One Anniversary - HAY1 PLEASE READ UPDATED INFO BELOW! Here are some highlights for or 2 Day HAY1 event: - 2 Day event like our Mini Majors...with a twist! Singles only (with some special side events and some non-singles events) and all brackets are concluded on the day they start. - Up to $400 in pot bonuses for each PM, Melee and Smash 4 singles bracket. - *Modified Triple Elimination Bonus Brackets for all singles brackets (all players eliminated in loser's bracket before top 8 are automatically entered into a "free" single elimination bracket. Prize: Venue fee back) Cool! - Special "Free" Melee Low-Tier bracket (single-elimination) (Semi- Losers play for 3rd) Prizes: $150 split 60/30/10 - Special "Free" Melee Spacies Bracket (single-elimination) (Semi Losers play for 3rd) Prizes: $150 split 60/30/10 (Note: Free entry into both Melee Low-Tier and Spacies brackets apply only to those having paid $20 2-day venue fee) - HYPE! Classic Brawl 3-Stock Singles Double Elim. Bracket with a Brand New Smash 4 Gamecube controller pot-bonus for the Brawl Champ! - "Free" Smash 4 4x4 Team Battle. Prize: All Players of winning team receive a New Black Smash 4 Logo GameCube Controller. HAY 1 Day 1 Schedule: 10:00am - Doors open and friendlies 11:00pm - Project M Singles 4:00pm - Free Melee Spacies Bracket - Free Melee Low-Tier Bracket 6:00pm - Melee Singles 10:00pm - Free Mario Party 10 tournament - Winner receives a Hitbox Arena shirt and cap! HAY1 Day 2 Schedule: 10:00am - Doors open and friendlies 11:00pm - Brawl 3-Stock Singles 1:00pm - Smash 4 3v3 Team Battle 3:00pm - Smash 4 Singles Bracket TOURNAMENT FEES: $20 - 2 Day competitors venue pass required to enter any singles bracket, Crew Battle, Special Free Melee events or Free Smash 4 4x4 Team Battle. (2 days of friendlies included) $10 - 1 Day friendlies only Pass $10 - Entry for Melee, Project M & Smash 4 Singles Brackets $5 - Entry for Brawl Singles only. $5 - Per player for Smash 4 3v3 Teams Free - Special Melee Low-Tier Bracket Free - Special Melee Spacies Bracket PAYOUTS FOR SINGLES Up to 32 entrants - Top 3 split 60/30/10 33-64 entrants - Top 5 split 55/27/10/5/3 65-above entrants - Top 8 split 50/25/9/5/5/3/3 Pot bonus payout schedule per singles bracket (PM, Melee and Smash 4 only) Top 3 only split 60/30/10 under 32 entrants - $100 32-45 entrants - $150 46-60 entrants - $200 61-75 entrants - $300 76 and above - $400 Pot bonus for Brawl - New Black Smash 4 Logo Controller. Additional event info: Characters available for Melee Low-Tier Bracket - Young Link, Link, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Zelda, Roy, Mewtoo, Mr Game & Watch, Ness, Bowseer, Pichu and Kirby Here are some important link:: www.hitboxarena.com www.twitter.com/hitboxarena www.twitch.tv/hitboxarena for any additional info, call or text 201-704-3802 Thanks, HBA Johnny We hope you will join us to celebrate HBA's 1st Birthday! See you soon and thanks for your support!

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