Harrisonburg IMAGINING

 23 May
 Ralph Sampson Park
  - 22802 - Harrisonburg - United States
 Jon Henry
Citizens of Harrisonburg, VA: It's 2034. What do you hope to see, right here in our communities? What could this place look like if we brought our full creative selves to envisioning and building it? How might we go about imagining who we are and what we're capable of in a fresh, new way? When is a community meeting not just another boring meeting? When it's a lively, arts-infused gathering known as an Imagining! We are gathering in Pavilion 2 at Ralph Sampson Park. We need your participation, ideas, energy, and creativity to contribute to this grassroots movement - THIS IS AN ACT OF COLLECTIVE IMAGINATION. ADD YOURS! It's time to deepen our investment in arts, culture, and creativity. Through performance, facilitated discussion, collaborative art-making, and celebration, you are invited to join this act of collective imagination! The Harrisonburg IMAGINING is part of a national campaign organized by the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture and facilitated locally by the Old Furnace Artist Residency. An IMAGINING is a vibrant, arts-infused gathering in which a community envisions its ideal future and identifies creative tactics to get there. Part performance, part facilitated dialogue, part celebration, these first Imaginings brought together diverse groups of artists, organizers, and community members to imagine what their neighborhoods (and the world) might look like in the year 2034, when art’s transformative power has been fully integrated into all aspects of public life. How might the face of education, environmental protection, health care, community development and other essential social goods change when the USDAC’s Statement of Values is fully embedded in society? And, what will it take to get there? The ideas, images, and visions generated during this pilot round of Imaginings will be documented and fed back to inform the USDAC’s emerging national story and strategy. More info as the program develops!!! FOR MORE INFORMATION & GET INVOLVED: E: jonwmhenry@gmail.com W: usdac.us Supporting Organizations: Old Furnace Artist Residency Harriet Tubman Cultural Center Southerners on New Ground We Are Here Larkin Arts

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