Hardcore Mudd Run SPRINT - PA

 16 May
 Clinton County Fair
  - 17751 - Mill Hall - United States
 Hardcore Mudd Run
This is a 4 mile obstacle course with 10 to 15 obstacles This will only be open to 2500 people per day. Come out and find out what you're made of at the PA HARDCORE Mudd Run Sprint. Food, Fun and o- yeah MUD! This isn't a RACE, This isn't a CONTEST, This isn't a COMPETITION, THIS IS A CHALLENGE, AN EVENT, A RIGHT OF PASSAGE TO BECOME HARDCORE! HMR Event Awards: Brotherhood Award: (The Male that shows the best teamwork and brotherhood on the course.) Sisterhood Award: (The female that shows the best teamwork and sisterhood on the course.) Most Adversity Overcome: (This is for the person that has overcome the most to participate in the event) Largest Team completed: ( this is for the largest team that all members complete the course.) PRIZES for: Best Birthday Suit: (this is for the most skin showing by law.) Furthest Distance traveled: ( this is for the person that traveled the greatest distance to participate) Best Original Costume: (This is for the person with the best original costume that completes the course.) Registration OPEN SOON!

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