Happiness Sprinkling Project #4, Lansing, MI

 06 June
 Downtown, Lansing, Michigan
  - 48933 - Lansing - United States
 Happiness Sprinkling Project
Corners of Michigan Avenue & Capitol Avenue EVERYONE IS INVITED!!!! How does it work? One set of Signs gets passed on from person to person (these are our local Happiness Sprinkling Ambassadors - of which I [Sharon Baer] am one) as it travels across the country. Each Ambassador gathers friends and wearing bright yellow shirts, they stand together on a street corner for an hour (or two) and Sprinkle Happiness. Then the Signs move on to their next destination, leaving that town and its people a bit happier than they found it. And taking a bit of that happy energy with them to their next assignment. WE HAD A BLAST WITH OUR LAST THREE SPRINKLES! STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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