Hanna Somatics Fundamentals Course for Trainers and nonprofessionals. 16 – 17 May

 16 May
 Kerkstraat 427 - 1017HX - Amsterdam - Netherlands
 Tatjana Plotnikova
Hanna Somatics Fundamentals Course for Trainers and nonprofessionals. 16 – 17 May This course aims to teach everyone how to educate your self or your clients to come out of chronic pain and long-term postural holding patterns, so that you can be free and actualize your potential in life. In thetraining you learn how to do somatics for self-use as well as how to teach somatic movement classes to others. In this 2-day course you will learn: Somatic philosophy and history of Somatics. Functional anatomy and neurophysiology as it applies to Somatics. How all humans respond reflexively to stress within three full body reflexes (green light, red light and trauma reflex). What “sensory motor amnesia” is, how it occurs in the brain and central nervous system, and why it is the cause of most chronic muscular pain. Assessment, how to recognize the three somatic reflex patterns in yourself and others. The difference between stretching and “pandiculation”, the technique used to restore voluntary sensory and motor control of muscles. Try the clinical hands-on aspect of Somatics. Thomas Hanna’s eight Myth of Ageing movement lessons. Fundamentals Phase 1, Amsterdam May 2015 In this training you will learn Thomas Hanna’s Myth of Aging lessons. You will learn how to teach these lessons and understand the neurophysiology, anatomy and the principles of Somatics. You get a course book containing the eight lessons in an easy to teach form chart. The course is recorded and you receive the audio files at the end of the course. http://www.bodyvita.nl/workshops/

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