Handstand and Flexibility Workshops with Gabby Parker

 24 May
 Spin City Newbury
 Unit 42, Centerprise House, Greenham Business Park - RG19 6HP - Newbury - United Kingdom
 Katy Clement
Gabby is currently an international circus performer, teacher and sports therapist. She studied at the National French Circus Institute in Paris and is the Semi Pro Comedy winner, Pole Theatre UK 2014 ********************************************************************* Workshop 1 Handstands, all levels welcome! 12.30-2pm 90 minutes for £20 All levels welcome! Gabby will tailor the exercises and stretches to your ability and individual needs. What will be included? Specific strength exercises for handstands General conditioning for core, control and endurance Correct alignment within a two handed handstand Basic shapes, levers and lifts Elbow stands and contortion/figure handstands Detailed partner stretching with science based technique to increase flexibility for performance and to prevent injury ********************************************************************* Workshop 2 Flexibility, all levels welcome! 2-3pm 60 minutes for £15 What will the workshop include? Correct, safe techniques and exercises that you can take away with you All round flexibility training including static, dynamic, active and ballistic Detailed partner stretching including PIR and PNF techniques Over split training and breathing techniques Focused work on each area of the body including legs, frontwards bending, backwards bending, shoulder flexibility etc Specific scientific exercises that enable you to increase maximum flexibility in a minimal amount of time Strength, core and endurance exercises to balance out your stretching This workshop is aimed at people that want to complement their skills or for those who want to increase flexibility and strength. ***** BOOK BOTH WORKSHOPS FOR £30!! ***** Book via the class booking system www.bookwhen.com/spincitynewbury

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