29 May
 Belleview AMF Lanes, Englewood, CO
  - - Broomfield - United States
 Terry Wickstrom
One last chance to get an extra entry to qualify for or lower your cost for the Hammer CSBT Championships! Entry fee will be $90 for the open division and $45 for the classified division. This will be an ELIMINATOR STYLE FORMAT. All bowlers will bowl 4 games of qualifying. After the first 4 games the top 50% of bowlers in the open division plus one bowler from the classified division will advance to the next round and scores will be reset to zero. All bowlers will then bowl one more game, the top half of the field will move on and be in the money. The bottom half will be eliminated. Scores will be reset after each round and the top half of the field in each game will advance and the bottom half will go home until we have a champion. Check in for this event will open at 5pm, with bowling beginning at 6pm.

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