16 May
 20937 John R Rd, Hazel Park, MI
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 Slipstream Theatre Initiative
You’ve been selected as one of few experts in the psychiatric field to examine and diagnose the girls at our Institution. We ask that you please come prepared to determine which of these young women is most suitable for release. In preparation for your visit, the patients have decided to put on a “play” for you. As we believe art is the best expression of the inner neuroses of these girls, we encouraged them to choose a play that was most appropriate for them, and they chose Hamlet, by William Shakespeare. The “performance” will run an hour and a half and we will ask that you remain in your seat while examining the patients. Be warned that this is a closed facility and though all security measures are in place, these are girls who have severe mental disorders and many have a background of violent crimes. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. In actuality, Slipstream Theatre Initiative is THRILLED to present the 5th show of its season, Hamlet. All-female, of course. This production will open Sunday, May 10th (Mother’s Day) and run Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays through June 7th. Slipstream takes its first leap into “immersive theatre” with this version of Shakespeare’s classic. Utilizing some of the area’s most innovative young female actors, the play is presented in a stripped down, amped up way; blurring the lines of reality for the audience and the actors/inmates/characters. The theme of being driven to suicide is throughout the text and because of this, Slipstream is pairing with the Trevor Project for this show. The Trevor Project provides help for any LGBTQ youth experiencing suicidal thoughts and intentions, and puts them on the path to stability. Hamlet. All-Female. Reservation only. Limited seating. May 10th thru June 7th, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 7. http://www.slipstreamti.com/#!hamlet/c1g38

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