HAHA pres. AUNTIE FLO (Glasgow) - DREEMS (Multi Culti) - D&D (HAHA)

 29 May
 Goodgod Small Club
 53-55 Liverpool St. Chinatown. - 2000 - Sydney - Australia
 HAHA Industries
AUNTIE FLO (Highlife / Huntleys & Palmers / Rinse FM) DREEMS (Multi Culti) D&D (HAHA) Tickets $15 - sold out / Second release now - $20 Door $25 and available from; Moshtix - http://bit.ly/1F65HCl Resident Advisor - http://bit.ly/1cPnpim White Label - http://bit.ly/1cPnL8E -- We plan to wow you once again in the Goodgod Danceteria with the percussive, hypnotic, future rhythm machine of sound that is AUNTIE FLO! Bringing with him his obscure sounds sourced from across the globe and heralded with other future taste makers like Daphni, Fourtet, Romare, and Sinkane, he’s consistently leaving dancers gobsmacked. Joining in on the tripadelic tribal affair is none other than a Sydney shaman of sound himself, DREEMS who will help take you on a trip you never expected and thrill you the entire way. And with your favourite two headed snake charmers D&D in charge of all the finer tunings, you know that this is one for your earlobes and your dancing feet and that the walls will well and truly be heaving. -- AUNTIE FLO Auntie Flo has become a central figure in the ‘new strand of club music fusing electronic and world influences alongside the likes of Daphni, Four Tet, Romare, Sinkane and more, as reported by The Wire back in 2013. The London based Glaswegian has been travelling extensively, pushing his unique ‘Afro-futurist’ sounds upon keen listeners worldwide since the release of his debut album ‘Future Rhythm Machine’ was released on Huntley’s and Palmers and subsequently nominated for Scottish Album of the Year and was rated as one of the finest albums of the year on Bleep.com. With an impressive history of releases on Kompakt, Permanent Vacation, Mule Musiq, Comeme and Autonomous Africa there’s no signs of stopping. Now touring far and wide to festivals and clubs alike, their trips to far flung places around the globe has inspired Auntie Flo and his partner in sound; ESA, to create the new “Highlife World Series” releases. Of which the sole purpose is on having them collaborate with local vocalists and musicians during their travels to create incredibly unique soundscapes. With the first Highlife World Series release out now from their time recently spent in Cuba, there is much anticipation around the upcoming releases from recent jaunts to Kenya and Uganda! Auntie Flo’s high energy and zest for more doesn’t stop there, he’s also the founder and resident DJ at the much-heralded Highlife parties that take place in Glasgow, London and Edinburgh which prides itself on championing exciting and unique artists including Rebolledo, Nicolas Jaar, Matias Aguayo, Actress and Awesome Tapes From Africa amongst many others. Auntie Flo also hosts the sounds of Highlife on regular radio show slots on Rinse FM and Radio Comeme and their fledgling record label is now on it’s fourth sell out release garnering much attention worldwide due in large part to its uniqueness and its hypnotic, African based rhythms. DREEMS A cosmic Sherpa in sound, liberator of tantric avatars, and the builder of your own personal psychadelic dancefloor viewing platforms. From there you will be privy to his hypnotic reveries which strain and pulse against the restrictive meta­thongs of contemporary electronic lifestyle living to offer a pan­globo­sexual soulstyle for our times. His dubbed-out visions are constructed for stoned Koalas, drunk polar bears and vibe aficionados. His debut album is a testament to his knowledge of distant lands and musical soundscapes, taking you on a virtual mushroom­picking trek beyond the borders of your mind, whirling you about in a primordial soup of sonic innovation. "I am on a mission, a quest, to free you from the divisive shackles of flags and tongues," says Dreems. "Whatever your culture, sex, or species, there is a place in your heart for light, sound, and dance, and that is where I will make my zone.” Travelling worldwide, warping dancefloors and festivals, he is doing just that. Taking folk on a trip they never expected and thrilling them the entire way. D&D D&D are a combination of souls that arise from within a fully immersive environment of sights and sounds. They take pride in subjecting their listeners to special transcendental moments in time. They do so by utilising sounds of a mechanical origin resulting from the use of industrial and age-old technology and combining them with sounds from within the natural acoustic environment surrounding the listener. Sounds that include animalistic type vocalisations and those of the dancers and their ritualistic behaviours as well as other environmental sounds like that of excitement and pleasure made by humans on the dance floor. The combination of which creates a truly hallucinatory experience. A two headed snake charmer if you will.

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