Hae Bang Chon May Festival 2015 10th yr. May 22nd, 23rd.

 22 May
 Deeleebob Music Services
 47, Sinheung-Ro, Yongsan-Gu - 140-842 - Seoul - South Korea
 Hae Bang Chon
The 10 year anniversary on HBC Fest. 2006 to 2015. Join in the celebration. Showcase event, musical artists and great local businesses for food and drink. FRIDAY MAY 22nd, SATURDAY MAY 23rd. BAND SCHEDULE: update May 6th 2015 CAMARATA: Friday 9pm - Rooftop Stray 10pm - National Pigeon Unity 11pm - zerosum Saturday 6pm – Aisforarsehole 7pm - Lay Bricks 8pm – Decader 9pm - Saure Gurken 10pm – Green Flame Boys 11pm – Grand Soul Central 12am – Band Minha 1am - LISKO RABBIT HOLE: Friday 9pm - Sparkle Panda 10pm - Whatever That Means 11pm - Pentasonic Saturday 6pm – Kimchi Cowboys 7pm – Dog Band 8pm - Helsinki Riot 9pm – Dave Beck Band 10pm – Texas Flood 11pm - DTSQ 12am - Animal Anthem PHILLIES ROCK PIT: Friday 9pm - Colin Phils 10pm - Tampas Dusk 11pm - Used Cassettes Saturday 6pm - Doggy Band 7pm - The Veggers 8pm – The Reach Arounds 9pm – Diamond Randy Reno 10pm – L.R.D. Band 11:30pm – Studs Lonigan 12:30am – JESPER VFW: Friday 9pm - The Primary 10pm – Navah : belly dance 10:30pm - "The sons of tiger' '호랑이아들들' 11:30pm - Sotto Gamba Saturday: 6pm – Teenage heart 7pm - Mineri 8pm – GRINDER 9pm – Kite Flying Robot 10pm – Incomma 11pm – Bold Coast 12am - SkaSucks THUNDERHORSE Friday: 9pm - REASCO 10pm - Pegurians 11pm - ROOT Saturday: 6pm - Drop Dead Valentine 7pm – Shenanigans 8pm - YOM 9pm - Novacaine 10pm – Aircraft of the Month 11pm - Land Of Peace 12am – 21 Scott 1am – The Truck SOUTHSIDE PARLOR: Friday 9pm - Ssighborggg! 10pm - Baekma 11pm - Burning Hepburn Saturday 6pm - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 7pm – Southway 8pm – EPIC 9pm – Shelbyville 10pm – Reddot 11pm - The Kitsches 12am – Dougie's Truck KIMCHI SOUNDS: Saturday 6pm - Jubumimi Band 7pm – Joe Cool 8pm – So Long Buffalo 9pm – PLASTIC HEART 10pm – Billy Carter 11pm – Boys in The Kitchen SOLO ARTISTS, DUO, TRIO, ACOUSTIC BANDS: ROCK FRITES: Friday 9pm – Robert J Moore 10pm – Randy and Craig Saturday: 5pm - The Shang-ri La Rambler 6pm – Eli Taylor 7pm - Mia Zepeda 8pm - Stephanie Leigh 9pm – Danny Valiant 10pm – Meahgan Underhill PUERTO: Friday 9pm – Dave Beck 10pm – Sean Stevens Saturday: 4pm - Johnny Red 5pm – Jim an Giff 6pm - The 2 Guitars 7pm – Robbie Curtis 8pm – James Gang 9pm – Glass inspired DESPRESSO: Saturday 4pm to 11pm – Artist chill zone. Hosted by 7 BRAU. GENIE PUB: Friday 10pm Yvon and Ryan 11pm Jason Lisko Saturday 5pm - Rooftop Stray Duo 6pm - Maggie and Jeremy 7pm - Geoff and Ryan 8pm - Highway 9 9pm - Jen and Reeds 10pm - Tony Hall and 'G' PHILLIES UPPER DECK: Friday 9pm - Brett Elliot 10pm - Tim Gilmour Saturday 4pm - Yvon Malenfant 5pm - Lee Piscioneri 6pm - Seoul Piper 7pm - Michael Burkhardt 8pm - EARL BONNY'S PIZZA: Saturday 4pm - TC Costello 5pm - Dan-O McShane 6pm - Mike Casimir 7pm – BIG LUX 8pm - Anna Holmberg 9pm – James Broxup 10pm – Phillip Ballstriere THE CAVE: Saturday 5pm – No Poem Trio 6pm - Ceoltoiri Soul 7pm – LyQ Band 8pm – Young Dwayne and friends 9pm – Boba Phat 10pm – The Bloody Foreland 11pm – Poor Daddy Warbux HIDDEN CELLAR: Friday 9pm – Kerey Smith Duo 10pm – L.P. Trio Saturday 5pm - Old Money Green 6pm – E.J. Swann Song 7pm - The Seoul Sound Vibration 8pm – A Couple Cents Flat 9pm – Boss Hogwon 10pm – Dirty Works 11pm – Jeni Wai Band CRAFTWORKS: Saturday 2pm - REEDS 3pm – Maggie Crossett 4pm – Jennifer Waescher 5pm – Johnny Red Sunday 2pm - Duncan Reyneke 3pm – Josh Rose 4pm – Jason Lisko 5pm – Mike Yantzi MALONEY'S PUB: Saturday 6pm - Jordan Stewart 7pm - YES YES 8pm – Eli Taylor 9pm – D.J. FREE PET SOUNDS: Saturday 6pm - Phillip Ballstriere 7pm - Kevin Travers 8pm – Josh Rose 9pm – Dan-O McShane 10pm – Anna Holmberg WHERE TO GO IN Hae Bang Chon during the festival: Venues and style: Rock Frites - Live music solo artists. Puerto – Live solo artists. Genie Pub – Live music venue, feature solo artists, and a few acoustic bands. Bonny's Pizza – Live solo artist performances. The Cave – Live Music venue, duo act performances. Hidden Cellar – Live music, acoustic bands, and solo artists, as well as duo acts. Phillies Up stairs – Live music solo artists. Craftworks – Singer songwriter afternoon stage sessions. Phillies Basement – Live band venue, Rock Pit. VFW – Live rock bands, and indie music Camarata Studio – Live bands mix of, rock, pop, and improv. Rabbit Hole – Live bands rock, punk, funk, and blues. Southside Parlor – Live band stage full on rock shows, and acoustic rockers. Thunderhorse – Live band venue everything from folk rock to heavy metal. Despresso – Coffee lounge, chill zone for artists spinnin cool tracks, sponsored by 7 BRAU. Pet Sounds – Indie Rock venue, hosting solo Artists Live Performance. Maloney's Pub – Live Music performance on Saturday, as well as their house DJ who spins actual 45RPM records. Supporting venues: Casablanca sandwiches – Great food, great hosts, always supportive of the fest. And the best sandwiches in HBC. Jacoby's burgers – Classy, handmade burgers. Jacoby's has supported the fest since it's opening in 2008. Fat Cat – Relax lounge for hungry thirsty fest patrons and artists. The owner has supported HBC Fest since 2006. Al Matto – Food cooked in a real Dutch oven. Thin crust pizza and salads are their specialty. The owner has supported the fest since 2012 and owns live stage 'Puerto'.

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