Hackathon Hackers : Hikeathon Hikers Edition

 31 May
 Palisades Interstate Park
  - 07647 - Rockleigh - United States
 Christian Alexander
What's the best way to network? Being stuck in the woods with a bunch of other hackers! This is a fairly scenic hike along the Hudson river with plenty of opportunities for photos! As of now, I'm looking at covering most, if not all, of the northern portion of the Palisades. In terms of mileage, it will be just about ten miles with opportunities to join and leave between trail loops (three total). We'll start easy by hiking the Women's Federation Monument loop (two miles, with an awesome photospot at the monument), then the Peanut Leap Cascade and finally the giant stairs along the Hudson. The parking spot will be the State Line Lookout at Palisades Interstate Park. There is a cafe at this location, open to purchase breakfast/snacks before we set out. If you've never hiked before, none of these trails are overly-challenging. The attached trail map labels the giant stairs as very challenging, but I have never had trouble taking completely inexperienced hikers through it. I will say it is tough, but certainly not exhausting or strenuous. Trail Map : http://www.njpalisades.org/pdfs/trailmapNorth.pdf In terms of things to bring, I'd recommend a backpack with two quarts of water, "energy" snacks (protein bars, trail mix), and extra layers of clothes (in case the weather is colder than expected). In addition, if you have asthma like me, bring any medications that can help in case your symptoms flare up (I usually carry an epipen, inhaler and benedryl outside of a standard medkit in case of an allergy or asthma-related emergency). Rain Date will be set for the following weekend in June. Feel free to invite anyone interested in hiking!

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