Ha Ha Harborne! Mick Ferry, John Lynn & Dave Dinsdale

 09 June
 Boston Tea Party Harborne
 The School Yard, 106 High Street - B17 9NJ - Harborne - United Kingdom
 Ha Ha Harborne
It's show six at Ha Ha Harborne at The Boston Tea Party Harborne, and we expect this show to be busy, busy, busy! Appearing tonight are Mick Ferry, John Lynn and MC, Dave Dinsdale. Okay. Here is everything (we're bound to forget something) that you need to know. We'll add stuff if anything is missing. 1. The show will start at around 8.00pm. 2. Entry is FREE. 3. The show is for adults. There may be some swearing. There may be some adult content, so if you are easily offended or under 18 this show almost certainly isn't for you. 4. There are NO advance tickets available. Just rock up and come on in. Unless we're full to the brim. It's probably better to come in a little earlier than a little later. 5. The acts confirmed to appear at this show are Mick Ferry, John Lynn & Dave Dinsdale. 6. There are a million reasons why show line up's can change, so although it's unlikely, please be aware that this may happen. 7. You can book a table to eat your tea at The Boston Tea Party before the show and then, keep your table and stay on for the comedy if you want to... The food's great, so we suggest you do! 8. This show will consist of a compere, and two acts performing previews of their Edinburgh Festival Show / Tour / TV or Radio Show, rather like Lee Evans and Michael McIntyre do at bigger clubs. You may see bits of paper, notebooks, sound recorders and the like. Don't be concerned, this is absolutely normal. 9. Heckling is not encouraged, however, if you must heckle, PLEASE make it witty. You may be asked to leave if you begin to disturb the acts, audience and crew. 10. Please turn off your phones during the performance. 11. There will be a break to chat/smoke/drink/wee/poo between the two acts. 12. Though this show is our comedy gift to you and completely FREE to get into, in the spirit of the Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe, you may wish to make an optional bucket contribution on your way out of the venue, based solely on your enjoyment of the evening. Throw in whatever you feel. £20? £5? £3? 50p? Nothing? This money will be split between the acts performing on the night and the running costs of the night. Be assured that Ha Ha Harborne will make no profit whatsoever from this venture and that you will not be pressured to put anything into the bucket. 12. Adam & Phil from Ha Ha Harborne will be around to chat to and to receive your feedback before and after the show. Come and say hello and smile. They are dead nice. Feel free to buy them a drink or hug them too. 13. Acts are usually fine with photos and autographs, but try and do this after the show. They may well be 'in the performance zone' before they go on stage. 14. Have a great time and enjoy the night. It's BETTER than the telly! Here's some stuff about what you're going to see tonight... Hilarious Comedy & Comedy Store Management Proudly Present As seen on Michael Mcintyre's Comedy Roadshow MICK FERRY Edinburgh Festival Preview 2015 Work In Progress Hilarious Comedy & Comedy Store Management Proudly Present John Lynn Edinburgh Festival Preview 2015 Plus your host for the evening... The brilliant and very local comedian, DAVE DINSDALE.

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