Gyrotonic with Joseph

 19 May
 GYROTONIC method Lausanne
 Rue Mauborget 1 - 1003 - Lausanne - Switzerland
 Vera Salvisberg
My boyfriend Joseph Liu (Portland, Oregon) is a dancer, certified Franklin method instructor and gyrotonic instructor in training. As part of his training, he has to do apprenticeship hours, which means cheaper gyrotonic lessons for you and practice time for him. He's in Switzerland until June 9, so take advantage of the opportunity! What is gyrotonic you ask? It's a personal training movement practice where you are guided through spiraling and circular movements by your trainer and the gyrotonic equipment, exploring the full range of movement of your body. The gyrotonic exercises can be adapted to your goals, it is the ideal cross-training for dancers, can build strength, improve coordination for sports, improve your posture, etc. For me personally, most of the improvements in my posture, alignment, range of movement and strength/flexibility balance that I've seen over the past 10 months come from my weekly gyrotonic practice. The official website: Joseph will be able to use the equipment of StudioCorpo GYROTONIC method Lausanne every Monday and Tuesday afternoon & evenings, and possibly other days on appointment. Contact him directly by email at froseph at gmail (you know the rest). Pricing: 40.-/35.- per hour (apprenticeship rate)

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