GTA Brews May Meeting @ Noble Hop

 31 May
 Noble Hop
 1567 Dundas St. W - M6K 1T9 - Toronto - Canada
 Eric Cousineau
Special thanks to Dave Crum from Noble Hop for inviting our club into his store for our May club meeting. Save the date! **Click See More** What to Bring: -Your homebrewed beer/cider/mead to share, or some commercial beer - Some food to share with others, homemade or store bought - A Tasting Glass (don't forget this!) - Ingredients for the club brew as agreed upon in the club brew thead The Meeting: The purpose of the meeting is: - To taste, share and discuss beer made by club members - To demonstrate the brewing process and teach beginner brewers - To facilitate discussion, debate, and information exchange between homebrewers Expectation of Attendees: Members recognize that participation in GTA Brews activities is entirely voluntary. Participation in these activities may involve the consumption of alcoholic beverages which may affect perception and reactions. Members at all times accept individual responsibility for their conduct and behaviour, and are expected to uphold the utmost respect for all others. The GTA Brews club will neither assume nor accept responsibility for an individual’s actions. Also, members agree that driving while intoxicated is a serious violation of law and of expected behaviour at club events and agree that they will find alternate transportation if they are unable to safely and legally operate a motor vehicle. Members agree they alone are responsible for their actions before, during and after club events, including, but not limited to, decisions about driving after consuming alcoholic beverages and waive any claim, legal or otherwise, against the club and its members, hosts and guests stemming from any club-related activities. Last but not least have fun and drink beer.

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