Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden the Easy Way with Linda Frees, Living Foods Instructor and Author of ‘Simply Sprouts’ the Recipe Book

 28 May
 Carrot Common froom 212, stair access only, entrance on Danforth beside Book City
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 The Big Carrot Natural Food Market
With 20 years of successfully growing sprouts in the cold Canadian winters and humid summers, Linda shares tips on how to successfully grow and harvest delicious and nutrient-rich sprouts and micro-greens in just days, in any location and weather, using jars, sprout bags and soil-filled trays. Why are sprouts such an important source of high quality nutrition? How do we get started, find supplies, then grow and store our delicious harvest? Linda has recipe ideas for beverages, breakfasts, soups, salads and even desserts containing sprouts that she’ll be sharing. Her recipe book will be available for purchase.

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