28 May
 2 North lasalle st
  - 60601 - Chicago - United States
 Ryan Evans
Tickets here ---> Grow is a wonderful little gathering of ambitious folks who are curious about the art of growing. Growth motivates us, pushes us and pisses us off. Come learn, share stories and get inspired to grow your business or career. Oh and you can drink too. We're gonna have drinks and food. Good drinks. Oh, and Adrian Holovaty is going to be speaking! Yes, that's the Adrian Holovaty who... * Started his career as a developer/journalist (before that was even a thing) at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Lawrence Journal-World and The Washington Post. * Built (and sold) the local news site, that everyone loved, Everyblock. * Created the awesome and massive open-source python framework Django. * Plays a mean guitar and has 28,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. * Started Soundslice, an incredible web-based sheet music and tablature. If you're even remotely interested in playing the guitar go take a look at this site right now. It's really well done. Then come back. Bottom line: Adrian has skills. === But Adrian also has a refreshing perspective on entrepreneurship which he wrote about in his post, "Why Chicago needs to stop playing by Silicon Valley's Rules" Here he describes how Daniel Burnham and organizers of Chicago's 1893 world fair approached the problem of besting the awe-inspiriing Eiffel Tower, unveiled at the Paris Exposition a few years earlier. "The obvious answer was to build something taller. If they could build something 1000 feet tall, or 1100 or 1200, surely it would be more impressive than what the French did. But to Burnham’s credit, he refused to play by those rules, pushing his engineers to come up with something genuinely new. One engineer on Burnham’s team had an idea: instead of a stationary tower, why not build something that moved? Something that people could ride around in, that was still tall but not tall for the sake of being taller than the Eiffel. The engineer’s name was George Ferris; you see where this is going. So Ferris and team built it: the world’s first Ferris wheel. It was a huge hit, providing great views of the city plus a sense of danger (“This thing can’t possibly be safe, can it?”). People all over the world immediately copied the idea. Even today, there are parts of the world where Ferris wheels are called “Chicago wheels.” Here’s an important detail about the Ferris wheel. Its height was only 264 feet — just over a quarter of the height of the Eiffel Tower. But it was still a huge success, because of how different it was. Instead of playing by somebody else’s rules — taller equals better — Burnham, Ferris and team dared to change the rules." Hell yeah. === So come, have a few drinks, meet good people and hear something interesting.

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