Group Riding Safety and Road Captain Training Course

 24 May
 Sirens Cafe -565 Glascow
 Glasgow St - - London - Canada
 Dee Perron
We have decided to change the date of the RC Course from this Sunday May 3rd to Sunday May 24th from 10:00 am to 3:00PM.... please keep in mind that this course is NOW MANDATORY to be taken on a yearly basis as a refresher if you wish to pursue being a Road Captain, so please sign up as soon as you are available to do so. We will be hosting the in class portion at the cafe located at 565 Glascow Street in London. The in class portion will take approximately 2 hours, then we will be having a bite to eat (Please bring snacks and/or lunch with you) before we head out for our practical at our usual meeting spot at the McDonald's parking lot across from Costco on Wellington Road and will be commencing the practical portion of our training program. The course is free to patch and probie's, to associates and non- members it will be $20.00 *please no visitors or onlookers to these events. It is a distraction from the training. Onlookers and visitors will be asked to leave* Thanks for your understanding!!!

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