Grief & Joy in a Flatline Culture with Carolyn Baker & Francis Weller

 21 May
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Learn Conscious Grieving in a Loving, Supportive Two-Part Online Workshop, May 14th & 21st at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern Our current, flatline culture is one in which people are subtly discouraged from feeling most feelings. There is some permission to feel “happy” as in, “Don’t worry, be happy,” but our happiness in this culture depends on external circumstances. We're taught we can be happy if we have the right job, house and car, but more and more people are waking up to this not being the case. One emotion we are strongly discouraged from feeling is grief which is perceived as the enemy of happiness, without realizing that our notion of being “happy” is limited and contingent upon outside factors. True joy is a feeling of underlying wellness at our core that does not depend on external circumstances and is a state of well being at that we can access whether we are “happy” or not. Few people in our culture experience joy on a regular basis, but more are opening up to the possibility as they realize the lack of nourishment in flatline culture. It's possible you're reading this now after opening up to search for joy which brought you here. Paradoxically, the one emotion that revitalizes our joy more than any other is grief. Deep grieving, when supported by loving community in a safe environment, not only allows us to “detox” from the losses we experience, but it deeply connects us with joy, beauty, the earth, and all other living beings. We need not look far to find countless losses that evoke grief in us -- whether the losses are personal or planetary. In this two-part workshop, psychotherapists and grief experts, Carolyn Baker and Francis Weller, will provide a container for deepening our conversation about grief and support participants gathered online from all around the world in experiencing the profound healing medicine that conscious grieving offers us. You will learn: • How conscious grieving enhances our capacity to experience joy • To understand the necessity of community and ritual in tending loss • How to actualize the deep connection between grieving and our appreciation of beauty • To recognize the obstacles of grief that are culturally established Join us as we explore the many ways in which grief work enhances our appreciation of beauty and magnifies our joy. When you purchase this workshop you will have access to the live sessions as well as the recordings which you can watch as many times as you'd like.

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