Grief Bridge

 29 May
 Lake Dallas, TX, United States
  - 75065 - -
 CJay Anderson-McKay
Encouraging Workshops for Healing, Learning and Understanding Grief. I am very sorry for your all of your losses! We did not choose this horrendous path we are on, but we can reach out and help each other. I am putting my whole heart into making this a healing weekend with grief education and meaningful traditions to help those on this insidious journey. I lost my handsome 21 year old to a Distracted Driver on Christmas Eve 2008, and my Precious oldest son to an accidental overdose the same day Whitney Houston passed away in Feb 2012. I struggled all by myself, alone. It was a horrendous journey! I was appalled at the lack of compassion in my family and society as a whole. Grief Bridge was fueled out of the injustice and added burden society puts on the already defenseless, grieving Mother. When she needs the world the most, the world, lacking wisdom, abandons her! Her pain goes unacknowledged, her natural healing process of having to tell her story 1000+ times, is unmet, leaving her all alone to bathe in her sorrow. God enlightened my heart and gave me the passion, although I fought it at first, to reach out and help those who must follow in our footsteps. (2 Corinthians 1:4) We must become the teachers and lead the way! I have invested in myself, to fill in the Gaps on grief that my devastating experience did not provide. I became a Certified Celebrant, and a Ministry Grief Coach. I have gone back to school earning a Bachelors in Ministry and will Graduate with my Masters in Counseling at the end of the year. I took a Creative Grief Practitioner course, opening up a whole new world of healing, adding light to my Journey. I learned what I could express my grief on a different level, "without words". Grief Bridge's mission is to "Bridge the Gap" between GRIEVER and the world, one person or family at a time. In fact, I encourage participants to bring their family and friends so I can teach them how to walk with the Grieving Mother, dividing her pain. Hope to see you there! In Memory of my precious sons, Ben and Rick, Resting in God's Awesome Arms now, ((((Hugs)))) C Jay God is Love! Grief is Love! Grief is our Ministry!

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