Greyhound Rescue Fundraiser - NMA Team @ Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon

 17 May
 The Sydney Morning Herald -
 1 Darling Island Road - 2009 - Pyrmont - Australia
 Jamie Robinson
Hi As discussed on the group forum and in the various bars and farmer's markets around Sydney, we are going to enter a NMA team to the Sydney Half Marathon on May 17 to raise funds for Greyhound Rescue who, in light of recent events, very much need any help they can get! The text on their website sounds very desperate. The half marathon is open to runners, walkers and pushers (pram/wheelchair pushers not drug pushers). The only criteria being you finish the scenic course within 160 minutes. Iinks - Summary of Australia greyhound scandal:…/ban-greyhound-racing-the-arguments-… - To register, go here: and please list your team as "No Meat Athlete - Sydney" - First half marathon? To view a training plan, visit or - To join/donate to the NMA Everydy Hero fundraising group, go here: - To find out more about Greyhound Rescue, go here: - If you cannot enter, we would urge you to donate a "coffee" (what you world normally pay for a Soy Cap or equivalent recreational beverage) to Greyhound Rescue on our team page: Thanks for your support

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