Greg MacPherson w/ Honey Rose and The Purrverts, presented by The Music Revolution

 04 June
 Copper Owl
 1900 Douglas Street - V8T 4K8 - Victoria - Canada
 The Music Revolution
Winnipeg's Greg MacPherson, one of Canada's very best songwriters, is back for another Western run. We've been raving about this guy for as long as we can remember; his live show is unparalleled. Come on out and have the night of your life, with two new, local acts featuring people you definitely know, debuting their wares for this very occasion. Greg Macpherson: Tanks are rolling through the streets of a desert town, the 53-year-old leader of the free world can run three miles in 20 and a half minutes, people are living longer, people are dying by the millions, there are rich and there are poor, some give a damn and some don't. Canadian singer/songwriter Greg MacPherson gives a damn. MacPherson is the new champion of a songwriting tradition stretching back to Woody Guthrie and including voices like Jo Strummer and Bruce Springsteen. Loud, passionate voices saying things about their place in all of this change. With local guests... // Honey Rose // The Purrverts $10 at the door Presented by The Music Revolution.

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