Greenwood EMS Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

 18 May
 Greenwood Area Emergency Services Building, Greenwood WI
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 Delmond Horn
All you care to eat, noodles with your choice of alfredo, meat and plain sauces, bread sticks, desserts, milk and coffee. Drive through is available. Proceeds go towards the purchase of new and updated equipment for the ambulance. Adult: $6.00 Age 4-12: $4.00 Age 1-3: $1.00 Silent Auction Items. We do our silent auction slightly different than most other organizations. Because a lot of people come early, eat and leave, we have slips of paper next to the items. You put down the price that you are willing to bid, and place it into a pail. At the end of the evening, all bids are looked at and the highest bidder gets to purchase the item. This way those who show up early still have a chance to purchase those donated items. If there is a tie for high bid, those with the tie go into a pail and one slip is pulled out for the winner. In the past, your support has allowed us to purchase equipment so that we were the first ambulance service in Clark County to be able to perform 12 lead EKGs on our patients and the first to be able to monitor the level of carbon monoxide in the blood.

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