Greenland Rolling With James Manke

 13 June
 Jericho Sailing Centre
 1300 Discovery Street - V6R 4L9 - Vancouver - Canada
 Ecomarine Paddlesport Centres
James Manke is an International Greenland Rolling Instructor local to Victoria, BC. His passion for Greenland kayaking has spread world wide and he travels around the world primarily teaching Greenland rolling and related skills. A greater majority of people can learn to roll with no experience at all. Kids to older active adults can learn if they are fitted in the kayak properly. With a relatively flexible back and torso you will have the best success however an efficient roll can also be developed if your back simple won’t allow you to twist. His secret to making you roll is to break the process down for the student using as little words as possible and putting focus on areas where strength is needed. Many students get overwhelmed being told to many things to process. Once a student has good understanding of body position, learning the basic mechanics of both layback and forward finish rolls becomes much easier.

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