22 May
 Greenhill Campus, specific location TBA
  - - -
 Harris A. Chowdhary
The perfect start to your summer and make your mark! Come for a night of fun, food, friends, and great performances by some incredibly talented Hornets! RSVP So we can have an accurate count for food and be sure to come decked out in your best beach gear! Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your friends' family, or just bring your beautiful self! See you all on Friday night! The lineup is growing as I type but so far, includes such gems as: Jazz Masters Jonah Goldberg and Cole Forson The Trio Sofia Shirley, Sanah Hasan, and Sera Tuz Cooper Raiff Greenhill's #1 Songbird Britney Johnson The Darkest Duo in Greenhill History, Evan O'Brien and Jack Kraus AND "U Hit Your Pinkytoe On The Corner Of Something And Think Your Going To Die." Emma Pillow and Ariana Zhang

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 15 December, Thursday