Greater Chattanooga Aspies Potluck/Cookout at St. Elmo Park

 31 May
 St. Elmo Park (4909 St. Elmo Avenue)
  - - -
 Scott Kramer
If you are a parent/caretaker of autistic adults and young adults on your care, an autistic young adult (generally ages 18-29), or an autistic adult (generally ages 30 and over) *and* you want to meet others like you, consider coming to this. What's full of food, full of fun, and full of relaxation? GCA will be hosting a cookout/potluck at St. Elmo Park (by the intersection of St. Elmo Avenue and 49th Street). GCA will be furnishing non-alcoholic beverages only. Please bring something a food item to share with others, as well as a chair to sit. This event is family friendly. If you belong to any of the GCA subgroups (Adults, Young Adults, Parents/Friends), bring your family and friends with you to this. By the way, Scott (GCA Director/Founder) and April will be getting married earlier on this day, so their cake will be brought to St. Elmo Park for anyone who would like a piece of cake and share in their marriage celebration. This will be a cookout, so items needed for it will be posted closer to the event. Questions? Contact Scott on here or at 423.598.9516 Thanks and we'll see you there!!!!!!! P.S. In the event of rain, this event will be held at the CAC at the same time on May 31. Announcements will be sent out via CAC FB group, GCA FB groups, Meetup, and email as soon as possible.

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