GPT Utrecht

 17 May
 the games shop aldershot
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 Mick Wright
Your chance to win byes at the largest GP in Europe The Important Stuff: Format – Dragons/Fates sealed Cost - £25 Date – Sunday 17th May Start Time – Midday Prizes – 2 byes at GP Utrect for the winner * 2 boosters per player will be added to the prize pool. Prizes will be given out to all those on a positive record. Side event With blocks moving down to 2 sets, we thought it would be a perfect occasion to mark farewell to the old three block system with a Khans of Tarkir of block constructed side event. Format – Tarkir block constructed Cost - £5 Start time – TBC (but will start it after round 3 depending on the size of the event.) Prizes – 1 booster per player added to the prize pool Snacks and Drinks available at the venue A full range of accessories including deck boxes, sleeves and binders are available GETTING THERE & PARKING We are located right in the heart of Aldershot town centre, easily accessible from the M3. The best parking on Sundays is located at the Wellington Centre car park, a few minutes walk from the shop and is priced at just 60p on Sundays Alternatively, Aldershot train station is just five minutes walk away QUESTIONS? Post below, PM or e-mail me ( or telephone the shop on 01252 311443 For details of all events check out out dedicated Magic group: POSTS

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