GORUCK Jonesboro, AR (MHCLS)

 11 June
 Jonesboro, AR, United States
  - 72401-72404 - -
This event page is for GORUCK's MHCLS event. Sign up for this Heavy and you will automatically be registered for the Challenge, Light, Scavenger and Meathead (weightlifting) portion of this event.. However, you are more than welcome to sign up for any of them that you would like The event details are as follows: June 11th 2015 (12pm – 2pm) = Meathead lifting ----- 3 Hour Break ----- June 11th-12th 2015 (5pm – 5pm) = Heavy ----- 4 Hour Break ----- June 12th-13th 2015 (9pm – 9am) = Challenge ----- 3 Hour Break ----- June 13th 2015 (12pm – 6pm) = Light ----- 2 Hour Break ----- June 13th 2015 (8pm – 12am) = Scavenger Sign up for the events here: Heavy:http://www.goruck.com/e/c1ed4c74bc58470685610ecce088f868 Challenge:http://www.goruck.com/e/e3300838cfd3499093d7df1a1f5653ef Light:http://www.goruck.com/e/411f28afc9584db68c9d576d2e350fde Scavenger:http://www.goruck.com/e/7aeb2e6319f144e6b333191ce70dc96d Woman will have the opportunity to test out for the 500lb and 750lb Meathead patch. Men will have the opportunity to test out for the 1,000lb and 1,200lb Meathead patch. The Meathead weightlifting patch you earn is determined by your total 1 rep max bench press, deadlift, and squat weight. For example; if a man bench pressed 350lbs, deadlifted 350lbs, and squatted 350lbs he would be eligible for the 1,000lb patch because his gross total equaled 1,050lbs. There is also a fire-arms day after this on June 14th 2015 (9am – 3pm) as well as a WSFB event on June 10th 2015 (8pm – 12am). Admissim is seperate for both FAD and WSFB.

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