GORUCK HCL - Normandy, France

 04 June
  - - -
Join the Cadre as they facilitate classic GORUCK Good Livin' through their own version of Operation Overlord. Back to back to back Good Livin’. Sign up for this Heavy on 6/4/15 and you will automatically be registered for the 10pm Challenge on 6/5/15 in Normandy and the 1pm Light on 6/6/14 in Normandy at no additonal charge. Challenge and Light registrations are not refundable and must be used for the same weekend as the Heavy. Make it all the way through the end of the Light and get a custom GORUCK HCL patch. It’s not quite Selection, but it probably isn’t for everyone. Heavy Link: https://www.goruck.com/e/87c4eb2afd4744d3a143e676a07c8d5e#.U2qKOf3Vuf0 Challenge Link: https://www.goruck.com/e/536b6ffe590a496c89e946ba9a3a7189#.U6IwsP3Vuf0 Light Link: http://www.goruck.com/e/cebbbde37e1f4d21a9701ed6626e7f53

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