Gong concert with Don Conreaux & Tone of Life - London

 28 May
 Holy Trinity Church, London, SW7 2BA
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~~~ Calling all Gong lovers, sound healing fans and spiritual friends! ~~~ It's a special treat for London and a very rare privilege to have Don Conreaux, and Tom Soltron and Abby delSol from Tone of Life performing and teaching in our beautiful city. Tone of Life are visiting London as part of their European Tour. We will have Tom Soltron, Abby del Sol and Don Conreaux here in London where we will be treated to a gong concert from some of the world's best musicians/players and teachers! The organisers Odette Kurland and Justin Luria look forward to welcoming you all in sharing our love for Sound Healing and Gong. We have the perfect venue - Holy Trinity Church (Zone 1 Kensington). I am sure you will all fall in love with this beautiful church. The acoustics are going to blow you away :-) 'TONE OF LIFE MYSTERIOUS TREMENDUM' 2015 EUROPEAN GONG CONCERT TOUR: "We welcome you to an amazing, transformational Musical Mystery experience which will feature a fusion of the Mother Cosmo Gong and her family with ancestral and modern instruments and the Human Voice. Combination of alpha and omega music, dissonance and harmony which will take you on an inner journey. Music in full, dissonant music which creates life, is the music of the Now. Harmonious and coherent music that dissolves in the physical background. We perform these concerts regularly in many countries around the world, since 2002. Joined by our local hosts and musicians skilled in Sacred Tone Improvisation to perform together spontaneously where each musician is regarded as a channel in an inspired ensemble of equal masters. Bringing the audience to a deep state of the 'Here and Now'. This will be the first tour of this magnitude in Europe. Bringing the message of Peace and Unity through sound. The purpose and goal of Tone of Life Mysterious Tremendum is to nurture the quantum shifting of consciousness of the audience in order to initiate an inclusive state of universality rather than an exclusive one. All of the concerts are healing concerts using holistic resonance of the gong as its mystic chord. Every concert we play we dedicate to World Peace. Come join us, as without a mystery there would be no act of creation, so we invite you to discover the great mystery that awaits us inherently as the Soul Theatre. In Holistic Resonance, Tom Soltron, Abby delSol & Don Conreaux" There is so much to say about our fabulous guests, far too much for this small space. Please see our website with more information about the tour including the weekend intensive workshop: www.londongong.co.uk Don, Tom & Abby will also be teaching a 2 day intensive Weekend Gong Workshop on 30th and 31st May. Bookings via http://www.londongong.co.uk/event/gong-workshop-may-2015 It's a perfect opportunity for those of you who have felt a calling to the magic of the gong. Immerse yourself in the gong and sound. Don, Tom and Abby are masters and leaders in their field. Suitable for beginners and enthusiasts/practitioners wishing to deepen into their practice. There will be something for everyone.

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