Gong Bath & Sound Journey at the Southbank Playhouse, Belfast

 25 May
 SouthBank Playhouse 1a Kimberley Drive, Belfast
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 SoundHenge Ireland - Gong Baths & Sound Meditations
SoundHenge Ireland - Gong Baths & Sound Meditations invites you to join us for an evening of relaxation and good vibrations at the Southbank Playhouse in Belfast. Space is limited at this venue so ***PRE-BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL*** To book your place pm us here or email: soundhengeireland@gmail.com Energy exchange £10 Please bring a mat, blanket & pillow for your comfort as the body temperature may drop as you enter a deep state of relaxation. A gong bath is an immersion into the ancient, sacred and healing sound of gongs. No clothing is removed, all a participant has to do is lie down (or sit), relax and let the sound and vibrations bathe the body and carry the mind. During a gong bath, participants will experience a sense of connectedness and peace as the sacred sound & vibration of the gong clears blockages and restores the free flow of vital energy throughout the body. Energetically, emotionally, Spiritually, and physically, there is no part of you that will not receive the sound. Stress melts away, as the brain moves into Alpha and/or Theta states, triggering a sympathetic nervous system response that lowers blood pressure, slows the heart rate, relieves stress, pain, and more. Gong sound can be used to re-balance and tone the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It is an excellent therapy for stress related issues, depression, fatigue, anger and hostility, feelings of fear, separation and loneliness, along with many other conditions related to the lack of balance and harmony in the body.

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