Go Baltic!

 03 June
 80 Glassford Street - G1 1UR - Glasgow - United Kingdom
 Urtė Cinelytė
The first Wednesday of the month, and here we are again with yet another workshop. Themed, as usual! As the summer approaches, we are leaving France and heading North (just taking care of those who find it hard to cope with the overload of Glaswegian sun and heat! Hmm:/) Let's take a glimpse at some dances from Baltic countries, specifically - Lithuania. But remember - the further North you go, the faster your feet move! So put your dancing shoes on and be there on the 3rd June to enjoy some energetic dances and LIVE MUSIC with amazing Greta on the violin! If you still have that evil 'Ican'tdance' thought somewhere in the bottom left corner of your brain, let me tell you something. In this very case, you are very, very super wrong. And secondly, the brain has no corners, so here you are.

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