Glow Curve Live in Hong Kong 2015

 06 June
 Hidden Agenda (livehouse)
 香港九龍牛頭角大業街15-17號永富工業大廈2樓A室 - - Hong Kong - Hong Kong
Glow Curve (CN) Watch out, the post-rock power from mainland China is rising now. One of the latest and top-notch collection from this genre is coming to Hong Kong, they are Glow Curve. Having signed with one of the best indie label Modern Sky, the band is famous for their experimental and wild style on post-rock / post punk music. Now in residence at Raying Temple, an underground music club on the outskirts of Beijing, Glow Curve (formerly Maze) peddle an orchestral groove that dwells somewhere between math rock and ambient sound. Official Weibo : spm=a1z1s.6632057.389823137.3.F2hz3D Official Douban : ●●●●●● ●●●●●● ●●●●●● ●●●●●● Ninetynine Floor (HK) Ninetynine Floor, a band of four which crafts post-rock and shoegaze to illustrate their unconventional world. Official Facebook: Official Soundcloud:

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