Global Meditation to Heal Gaia

 30 May
 The power of our minds..
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 Nadine Grant Ⓥ
This event was created after a very chilling prophetic dream I just had (read below) Once a month (for the time being) We will combine our energies to send out healing towards any lower energies which could use assistance in transmutation. <3 Let's do this :D Now is the time to act.. no more talk. Action required! ;) Peaceful loving action! Let us bring in all the energy we can muster and send it to Gaia and the areas our assistance is most needed. *********LET'S MAKE THIS VIRAL! Please invite invite invite any and ALL awake or receptive people you can think of for full effect..thankyou starseeds*************** We should use any colour we like that we visualise as love vibration for this energy (if this is how you send energy) and envision it healing mother earth and the inhabitants here.. The message: I just had a chilling dream.... Many of you were in it.. We had visited this Place in California.. It was like a large room though and the ocean was at the front of it. We were all stood around reading each other.. We were creating the community we wanted and that's why we were there. Some were sat at the front near the ocean looking out. I felt anxious about people's health being stood so close to it. Jan, you were telling me how there was something like a 3 metre safety line that we had to stay behind to avoid toxicity. I decided to join a few of them at the front, but when I sat down I realised the ocean was behind a large screen - like a huge display window. It wasn't open and free like I thought. And the reason for this was because it was now so toxic we couldn't even safely sit near it. It was so sad. A few of us were just staring out of the window seriously in melancholia about not being able to feel the sea breeze on our faces, or to hear nature around us. I remember one of you sitting next to me and asking me "Does this mean anything to you? "Destiny to the turner, comes." " I remember saying yes it does.... In the next instant, the window changed and the sea actually turned into a seaside.. it was as though the image of the sea was a video playing and then the scene just changed. We could see mayhem going on outside.. drunkards drunk on the beach.. seagulls dashing around like crazy etc.. smoke in the atmosphere...

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