22 November
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 Stephen Daniel
GLOBAL HEALING : We Welcome All to Our Free Violet Flame Meditation Events. Due to the ever changing rules of facebook - We was forced to shut down our last weekly event, This has made Us have to change the way in which we offer our Free global healing love events. The meditation: I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God desires! Our violet flame video - Allow the fire of the violet flame come throw crown chakra (top of head) into your heart and filling your whole body, every cell of being - We then add a twist to our events by adding a group we call grounders we ask that you then send the violet flame from your heart as love and healing to the pictures we post at each event of our team of grounders. We ask you feel over these pictures we post and then send to who you feel to. In turn they send this mass healing to parts of the earth that need extra love. For all of you that have never taken part in our events before, This video explains how we do our events: If you are still unsure about any details, you can either inbox me Stephen Daniel or any of Our friendly AdminTeam@ Global Healing who would be only to happy to help and advise, Or visit Our Website: To further make things easier we have there is a link for a count down clock by each of the dates below, When the timer gets down to zero 0000 This is the global time in every time zone globally!!!! JUST DEDUCT THE HOURS LEFT FROM YOUR TIME WHERE EVER YOU ARE - (Each Meditation below is for a 35 minute period) November 22nd - November 29th - December 6th - December 13th - December 20th - December 27th - With each of Our flare events you receive #Free: #Healing #Activations #Plus: #HelpYourPlanet. #SendingLoveToAllLifeForms. #HealingOurUniverseTogether. ( All Our events are very strong healings due to the logistics used).

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