24 November
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 Stephen Daniel
!!!! #GlobalHealingAdminTeam : WELCOME YOU ALL !!!! SPECIAL = 88 FREQUENCY = STARGATE + UPGRADE = ENERGY DAY = INCREASED LIGHT-BEAM CODES The gamma ray event is a very high frequency healing and activation - The gamma rays are not seen by the naked eyes yet make up a very important part of the frequency and spectrum - especially for healing disease or dis' ease to the organic systems. ' These are strongest in 3 bands of the gamma spectrum - green, blue, purple and are further represented by AA Raphaela & Raphael - Metatron & Sandalphon, St Michael & Michelle. There are 3 stages in these meditation events. Each time it passes through one of the stages the energy is quantumed. Each stage caters for different levels and activations. The three stages include Astral, core and grounders. The complete meditation is 35 minutes long in total. These stages are as follows: The Astral - ( Marked Red on Map of meditation) - First Core: The Astral bring down the flare from the sun through the core and to the grounders team. They are made up from members that have done these type of meditations for over a year. They also keep the other cores protected. The Core - ( Marked Yellow on Map of Meditation) - Second Core: These are made up from any that wish to take part, Werther you are completely new to this or even knowledgeable the core is a good way to channel and heal the self. This is the main part or where the energy is highly increased. We ask all the core members as we do the astral to look over the pictures we put up of the grounding team, and the ones that stand out to them, At the chosen time send Golden rays, flares rainbows, Love and prayers to them. The Grounders - ( Marked Green on Map of Meditation) - Third Core: The grounders are the last core, made up from a group that have done at least 3/4 meditations, to help with the great flow of quantum love they deliver to the earth. We also ask the grounders to choose a place in our world that is suffering or damaged, or a person with server disease, to send this quantum energy to. For all of you that have never taken part in our events before, This video explains how we do our events: If you are still unsure about any details, you inbox any of Our friendly AdminTeam @ GLOBAL HEALING who would be only to happy to help and advise. Or visit Our Website: To further make things easier we have a link for a count down clock in each of #Our events, ---- When the timer gets down to zero 0000 ----- This is the global time in every time zone globally!!!! JUST DEDUCT THE HOURS LEFT FROM YOUR TIME WHERE EVER YOU ARE - (Each Meditation below is for a 35 minutes) November 24th - 24/11/2015 = 88 - December 5th - 05/12/2015 = 88 - December 23rd - 23/12/2015 = 88 - ( Like Our Full/New Moon events the gamma ray event also has a strong healing effect due to the frequencies being at there highest , All flare events are stronger than basic meditation due to the quantumed energy). With each of Our flare events you receive #Free: #Healing #Activations #Plus: #HelpYourPlanet. #SendingLoveToAllLifeForms. #HealingOurUniverseTogether. !!! BIG LOVE TO ALL GLOBALLY AND UNIVERSALLY!!! !!!!! & THANK YOU FOR STANDING WITH US ALL !!!!!!!

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