Ginny is Turning the Big 4-0!!!!

 04 June
 Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda, Riviera Maya
 Carretera Chetumal -Puerto Juárez- KM 300 - 77710 - Ciudad Chetumal - Mexico
 Emily Armstrong
Sorry folks for all the chaos!!! It is hard to narrow down the info. I can't get a flight in the am on Friday anymore. I was able however to find a flight out at 6:08pm Thursday night arriving in Cancun at 2:02am but it will give us all day Fri-Sun and we would depart 9am Monday. Here is the link. I am going to call tomorrow to book. If you want me to book for you you PM me and I can call you to get your CC info. I am going to call and see if they will require passport info. I will let you know tomorrow. Thanks guys!!! If you want to book yourself I will put the contact info on here tomorrow. We will all need to book within 2 days to try and keep the rates the same and the same flight. Sorry so crazy but we are almost there :)¤cyId=USD&ap2=2&ap3=2&tripType=package&packageTo=Cancun%2C+Mexico+%28CUN%29&flight_selected=bf7f2af715b92d2af3ba7eec9f1824cb&frcls=Y&hfd=2015-06-04&htd=2015-06-08&roomId=DLXSUN&hotelId=GGESMERALD&hotelVendorId=BT&hotelUniqueId=56090

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