Ghost Mice, Adult School, Casey Monahan, The Limes, Rosanonymous @ Subrosa

 11 June
 SubRosa Community Space
 703 Pacific Ave - 95060 - Santa Cruz - United States
 Joe Wise
Ghost Mice is coming to rock us so let's show them how we rock here in rock capitol of the Santa Cruz Tri-County area! Ghost Mice (Bloomington, IN. First Wave Folk Punk) Adult School (Ex Folk Punk Sell Outs. It's also Nick's Birthday) Here's a video of them playing with a Fugazi cover band: Casey Monahan (Folk-Punk-About-Growing-Up-Queer-In-A-Weird-Surf-Town-Core) The Limes (Ruined Folk Punk. Member of Alexander The Grape, But Who Cares? Last Santa Cruz Show Probably) Rosanonymous (Transfem Forest Faggot Fashioning Folk Punk. TFFFP for short.) $5 7:00pm, June 11th, 2015 703 Pacific Ave Santa Cruz, California Subrosa is an all ages, SⒶFER space. -Homophobic, transphobic, sexist, classist, or otherwise bigoted language/behavior will NOT be tolerated -Don't drink or use drugs inside the space or in our courtyard -Violence or fighting of any kind will NOT be tolerated; please be considerate of others if you intend to mosh/dance/wiggle/groove/etc.

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