Ghana Fundraiser!!!

 08 June
 Chez Moi (Flat 10, 16 York Street)
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 Rob Wilkinson
*****DONATION LINK***** Hey everyone! I AM NOW OFFICIALLY PAST THE HALF WAY POINT FOR MY FUNDRAISING THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Also, I'm aware that the total on the link is only around £300, I have more in paper donations. So to raise money for me to go to Ghana, we're holding a fundraiser at our house on the 9th! This will be a great opportunity to take a little bit of a breather after dissertation deadlines without spending loads of money. It'll also be a chance to ask me any questions you have about what my trip will entail so you can understand why you're donating. Last but not least, it'll be a great chance to have a look at my FRESHLY EXPOSED SCALP (see my profile picture for an artist's impression). There will be a little entry fee of a few pounds and we'll provide food and snacks and stuff. We'll also be providing cocktails and mocktails (for a small donation...), courtesy of T's shiny new blender! If you could come then that'd be absolutely fantastic! You don't have to spend a fortune, just show your support by turning up and it'd mean loads. If you can't come then please consider making a small donation, through link at the top. Peace out. Rob

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