GET TOGETHER for the “Mohan Convent High School” (MCHS) Batch 2002

 07 June
 Kakinada, India
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 Satya Venkatesh
Hi Friends..... GET TOGETHER for the “Mohan Convent High School” (MCHS) Batch 2002 . Today's time sees us running from post to pillar to earn our livelihood..!!! Time crunch have taken our school life away with the most dreaded thing being, having no time for socializing our school hood memories. Whatever time we have we simply spent it on social networking sites for taking updates from our school friends & other than their mutual school mates which are not in been our contact list of the networking sites which we are using. But all is not that dark now the time has come to get all of us to get join together in this summer for the ultimate get together party, Grab this fortune to relive your old school memories with all our school buddies. RE-UNION for the Mohan Convent High School” (MCHS) Batch 2002. Taking pleasure in an another joy for getting ability to succeed in the struggle for existence to get warp up of batch. DATE – 7th June, 2015 (Sunday). Let we give us our school time another chance to get brief our old memories with each another. So that we can get the memories that last a life time...!!! Requesting all batch buddies to Success our Party. If Any Doubts Contact Me Satya Venkatesh 91-9177771000

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