Get Real Roundtable - Coaching Mastermind with Tina Forsyth and Darla LeDoux

 22 May
 Calgary, Canada
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 Darla LeDoux
Tired of the BS? Yep, we are too… Have you ever noticed that your real thoughts rarely get talked about ‘out there’? Things like: * I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing, why aren’t I making more money? * My days are busy yet I wonder if I’m doing the right stuff? * What if I don’t fit into the cookie-cutter business model that people are teaching? * What if the stuff I most want to spend my time on doesn’t match what I’m told I SHOULD be doing? * When will things finally come together for me? If these questions are familiar we want you to know you aren’t alone. Every time we go on Facebook or walk into a room of peers we are bombarded with how easy it is to make more money, do what you love, buy the home of your dreams or travel the world. We see people sharing how they had 5-6-7 figure launches and that “you can too”! Every day it’s a new strategy that you MUST follow (or be left behind) – one more thing to add to your already overflowing to-do list. Here’s the thing: You can follow what’s popular or you can get REAL about what works Without talking about WHAT’S REAL, most entrepreneurs will never find alignment. They’ll keep following what seems to be popular, and never get to the heart of what they really want to create. They’ll keep spending money hoping to find that “easy” solution they were promised would bring them a quantum leap. They’ll run from coach to coach, program to program trying to figure out how to make it finally work. They’ll wonder what’s wrong with them and start doubting if they can actually have what they want…. How do we know? Because we’ve both been there and we know intimately how painful it can be to keep following “the model” and never get there. Not make the money you want to make. Find yourself doing work you hate. To question why you started this business in the first place. In one of our conversations the other day, we found ourselves talking all about these things. The REAL things we’ve learned in business. The tough decisions we’ve made to follow our heart and what felt true for us, even when we didn’t see other people doing it that way. And deep joy of knowing we’re running businesses we love. (Even when the work is tough, we know it’s worth it.) And we made a decision to bring this kind of Truth Talk to you! Introducing the Get REal Roundtable! Learn more and register:

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