Get over the apology you never had!!

 16 May
 The Hampton Suite, The Hilton Hotel Seven Hills Road South, KT11 1EW Cobham, United Kingdom
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 The Enjoyable Life Series
Do you want an enjoyable life? Living an Enjoyable Life is having a life free of regrets and grudge! It means having the strategies to quickly let go of those annoyances, frustrations and at times hurt feelings we may have towards others Is it time you let go? Are you still holding on to that grudge? Are you finding it hard to move on yet want to? Is it tough to forgive that person who's hurt you? Still waiting for the 'I am sorry'? Is your 'I am sorry' not making a difference? join others for a morning of sharing, learning, enjoyment and thought provoking insights. Bring friends and make new friends too! Network with others to share and learn. nnLeave with ideas and key practices that if you applied would make a difference to you. The Enjoyable Life Series is for men and women in all walks of life. They are about personal leadership. Through relevant talks called Episodes on topics that make sense to you, they are designed to help you understand what really can matter in life and how small changes will have a significant impact on your life.

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