Gerbera Daisy Quintessence Free of charge, Reiki Attunement

 21 May
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 Mona Teresa
The Daisy flower has significant usage in the medical arena as an anodyne, antispasmodic and antitussive. It has also been used to treat cancer and treat digestive imbalances as an emollient, expectorant and Laxative. Various specialists also use the same flower in tonics as an ophthalmic and purgative Daisies have an ancient history of being used as a domestic remedy for a numerous ills. They have been enlisted as a traditional wound herb and have been prescribed to treat delicate and listless children. The fresh or dried flowering heads are normally used in the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, liver and kidney disorders, as a blood purifier, etc. When used on bruised wounds or any type of open wounds, daisy works wonders as a cure Chewing Daisy leaves is said to cure mouth ulcers Not only this, Daisies have gained popularity as a well known remedy of breast cancers The flowers and leaves are normally used fresh in decoctions, ointments and poultices As a homeopathic remedy, and commercial treatment, Daisies have wide applications and endless usage. We recommend only using this flower in its energetic sense; if you wish to use it physically please seek professional advice first. Free with any other purchase.

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