"Generation Love 3" An Awakening of Love! Free Warehouse Location!! 9p-5am!

 16 May
 Freedom Ridge Campgrounds Santa Cruz Mountains
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 Rock Steady-events
(Please note: New location for this free UG. Inbox us for details. Limited capacity & exclusive invite to our continued supporters. Past attendees have first priority on entrance.) Rock Steady & KDR presents Generation Love 3!! An Awakening of Love! 8 hours of love and music to free our spirits. Saturday May 16th 2015 ☯☮✿❀❁✌❤♡♫☯☮✿❀❁✌❤♡♫☯☮✿❀❁✌❤♡♫ An awakening of love is happening threw out the world and in our culture, a revolution of consciousness is taking over into a new paradigm, as this manifest we have become the generation of love, gathering around to celebrate life, we welcome you to dance and let our open hearts soar together in unity for one unforgettable night! With a new year upon us and new dreams to be reached its time to make new memories with new and old friends a like! When we express our individuality, we love ourselves. When we dance with others, we show love for our fellow man. When we unite together in the spirit of love and harmony we create the Generation that is Love!! We welcome everyone with open hearts and minds as we journey once again in a magical night of sights, sounds and love!! This is a fully PLUR pledged Camp out event: Peace: The calmness you find with those around you, and also inside of yourself. when you're at peace with others, with ourselves and with our planet only good can come of it. Love: The caring you feel for friends, for strangers, for those in need and also for caring you show for yourself. it's symbiotic, it's about sharing that energy you put into something and it will be returned to you! Unity: We all share a lot of common things, regardless of our age, gender, race, orientation, whatevah! we are all human beings, we all need other people, & we're all in this for the happiness experienced being around others. though we may have differences, we all arise from the same source. Respect: Respect for others, their ideas & their lives. it's also respect for one's self: one's body. show love and respect for your body; mind; & spirit, passing on the knowledge to others shows respect and love for your fellow person. ☯☮✿❀❁✌❤♡♫☯☮✿❀❁✌❤♡♫☯☮✿❀❁✌❤♡♫ ============================================= ☯☮✿❀❁✌❤♡♫☯☮✿❀❁✌❤♡♫☯☮✿❀❁✌❤♡♫ Musical Love providers raising your vibrations.... A-LIFE (KDR) BATES ERNESTO CRUZ JEPH KOSMIC KID MICHAEL LUI ( SF) SERG ROCkWELL (Reno NV) SPENMONEY THE DOCTOR (SF) TIRAMISU ☯☮✿❀❁✌❤♡♫☯☮✿❀❁✌❤♡♫☯☮✿❀❁✌❤♡♫ ============================================= ☯☮✿❀❁✌❤♡♫☯☮✿❀❁✌❤♡♫☯☮✿❀❁✌❤♡♫ Info & Details - Free All night 9p-5am - State of the Art Sound & Lighting - Animated Laser Light Show - 3D Video Mapping - Fully Plured Props & Deco - Live dance performers & Hoopers - Outside food & drinks allowed - More extras to be announced!! What To Bring -love -hugs -friends -lots of positive energy -water -food -cameras Located at a new south bay warehouse location. Stay connected with all the latest news and info @ ☯☮✿❀❁✌❤♡♫☯☮✿❀❁✌❤♡♫☯☮✿❀❁✌:www.facebook.com/rocksteadyevents www.facebook.com/kidsdreamreality

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