GBASS 2015: Great Britain All*Star Series Baseball Weekend

 23 May
 Farnham Park - Baseball and Softball venue
 Beaconsfield Rd - SL2 3BW - -
 GBASS - Great Britain All Star Series Baseball
GBASS is designed to showcase domestic baseball and to prepare the National team for International competition, with matches against various All*Star opponents from across the BBF leagues. With the success of the GBASS programme already reflected in the results of Team GB at both Senior and Junior European Championships in 2014, we're looking to build with a modified programme for 2015. Bank Holiday weekends: * 4th-6th April, * 2nd-4th May, * and 23rd-25th May 2015 This new schedule increases the number of game days (from 8 to 9) while reducing the number of weekends (from 4 to 3) and by hosting on the Bank Holidays seeks to minimise disruption to the domestic league schedule ... whilst providing an excellent destination for UK baseball fans. All GBASS events will feature: * Food and drinks * GB apparel sales * Baseball equipment sales * Raffles and prizes Please join us in making 2015 an outstanding year for British Baseball. #British Baseball Federation (BBF)

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