20 May
 1 Thorogood St, Burswood - 6100 - Perth - Australia
Have you ever wanted to meet someone who just gets you? Well now you can... At our riverviewYA GATHERING for May, we are introducing a brand new way of meeting the people you want to meet. At the "FIND MY iFRIEND" event you will be assessed by the recently developed, FRIENDSHIP TYPE INDICATOR™ to discover your friendship type, and then connect with other people with the same preferences as you - that love what you love. So you instantly have heaps to talk about and things to connect over. This system is guaranteed to reduce awkwardness and increase your chances of finding you new BFF. Wednesday 20 May 2015 / Riverview Foyer Come early for DINNER as the CAFE is open from 6:30pm Event is 7:30pm / After Party from 9:00pm (ft. DJ IZ) It's going to be more fun than you can handle on a wednesday night. This event is open to 16-20somethings from all over Perth. So spread the word invite e'rybody #openinviteparty ps. You never know who you'll meet... <3 DAVE HACK + the YA CREW

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