Ganesha & Co plus Chandra Moon Trio at Bath Fringe Festival!

 28 May
 Old Theatre Royal Bath
 12 Old Orchard Street - BA1 1JU - Bath - United Kingdom
 Chandra Moon
We are thrilled to have been invited to play at the Bath Fringe Festival in the beautiful venue,The Old Theatre Royal. in the first half Chandra Moon accompanied by Paddy Uglow's magic keyboards and Jaime Cantera on percussion will play a selection of soulful songs from her two highly acclaimed albums. In the second half you'll be treated to a fabulous set of flamenco music from Ganesha & Co. Ganesha & Co is a new take on flamenco music led by 19-year old prodigy, gypsy singer Jose Agarrado Moneo (Ganesha). "Ganesha" is the elephant-headed deity of wisdom, knowledge and new beginnings. The remover of obstacles. With a din of percussion and dazzling flamenco guitar, Ganesha powerfully charges into people's souls. Jose's stunning voice, backed by those of the two percussionists (Ivan Moreno & Jaime Cantera), riding the waves of the magical guitar notes of Cuffy Cuthbertson, brings sheer joy and happiness - surprising us with unsuspected sounds. This is a celebration of heritage: Jose Moneo is one of the heirs of the most authentic traditions; his family has given us some of the world's finest flamenco musicians; his hometown Jerez is the equivalent to flamenco of what Memphis is to the blues. In his voice he carries the sound of La Plazuela and Los Moneo, a long family of singers, dancers and guitarists. He echoes the sound of a gypsy people; pain, happiness, the sound of a journey that began hundreds, maybe thousands of years ago. Cuffy Cuthbertson (Guitar) began playing from an early age and when flamenco entered his life it soon took over. He studied under Tito Heredia, Paco Serrano and Gerardo Núñez and has acquired an extraordinary level of technique. He tours internationally with singer Yasmin Levy as well as with the flamenco project. He teaches at the Spanish Guitar Centre, Bristol. Jaime Cantera (Jimi Can) (Singer, percussionist) is a Bristol-based Spanish multi-talented performer, he writes songs, plays guitar, percussion and more and absorbs influences from different world music styles such as afro, latin, gypsy, reggae or pop. For the last few years has been developing his gift for the cante (flamenco song) delivering an authentic passionate and melismatic response to the letras (words) and music. Tickets £8.25/£7.25 (conc)

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