Galactic Reiki: Level One Training, Divine Purpose & Spirit Guide Support

 16 May
 Hubbard, OR, United States
  - 97032 - -
 Heather Straube
MAY 16th & 30th Come develop your intuitive and healing capabilities, connect with Source and learn more about who your Spirit Guides are with a Galactic healer and teacher... Register for one of these sacred Reiki Trainings, where you will: ~ Become certified and use Reiki right away, perhaps teaching this sacred art ~ Get closer to living your your Divine Purpose w/ Assistance from your Guides ~ Receive deep energetic attunements to purge old patterns & pains Massage Therapists may use this course towards LMT continuing education credits. Level One: $180 (Next Class: MAY 16th AND 30th) We meet at my office in Hubbard, OR, 25 miles from Portland, for these trainings and attunements..AND ADD sacred downloads from Star friends & Spirit Guides not included in other REIKI tranings... TO SAVE YOUR SPOT, REGISTER HERE: REIKI LEVEL ONE TRAINING DETAILS: The Level One training usually runs 10-14 hours on a Saturday and Sunday NEXT CLASS: MAY 16th & 30th! Identify aspects of yourself you would like to develop/heal and begin physical treatment right away Learn the basics about Energy, Chakras, Auras & meditation techniques Boost your light frequency, intuition and healing abilities by receiving your first attunement Learn hand positions, get practice with feedback, learn the history of Reiki & share healing stories Perk: Find effective ways healers Prepare and Protect themselves Psychic Perk: Receive Intuitive feedback from your Guides and about your path as a healer Take a handbook home filled with essential information Use your skills & Certificate right away Move on to Level Two and then, later, Master Reiki Level (3), should you choose, so you can teach others as well Heather is trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition of Reiki by Chery Esau, R.N. and Reiki Master. Heather is a mystic, rainbow warrior, lover and psychic counselor near Portland, OR.

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