Fundraiser for Patty

 16 May
 Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 119 Junction Road (Rt. 133), Brookfield, CT, United States
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 Jonathan William Rosario
The Brookfield Newcomers and Neighbors Club is hosting A NIGHT AT THE RACES Please email the address below to order your tickets. If you would like to be seated with my friends, please tell them that you would like to be seated at Maureen’s table. Tickets are $20 and includes stadium food. There are two sites where you can follow Patty’s progress: This is an update written by my sister Liz on 4/27/15: First, let me start out by stating two very clear observations I have made in this past 13 months in which Patty has been fighting MDS: 1) Patty is a fighter with an inspiring smile and attitude; 2) and you, as part of her support system, have been incredibly generous in faith, food, and finances. So this next part is hard to say to all of you. On Thursday, Patty was diagnosed with AML- Acute Myeloid Leukemia. It was the hope that by having the stem cell transplant, MDS would not transform into leukemia which is the normal path of MDS if not caught in time. You and I have many questions, but right now I don’t know the answers so I will try to briefly relay what has happened and what will happen. The future is foggy, depending on how Patty responds to treatment. She had two major setbacks since coming home in December. One time was when she back to the hospital for fungal pneumonia and she spent about three weeks in the hospital for that. Then she was able to return home for several weeks (all that cold weather time in CT!) Now she has been down in NYC again. This time they said she had a blood infection. The series of small problems has led to this current diagnosis. Patty has spent the last two days telling her immediate family and letting us all wrap our heads around this new development. AML (leukemia) is very serious. Her doctors told her she has two choices: palliative care or another stem cell transplant. In Patty’s upbeat attitude, she said, “There’s only one choice!” Before the stem cell transplant can take place, she must go through chemo to put AML in remission. Once in remission, another transplant will take place. There were many more leukemia patients at Hope Lodge with her than MDS patients. She has seen the upside of this journey. Right now she is physically tired and emotionally strong. She doesn’t know the timeline, but expects to be in NYC for the next 4-6 weeks. Since her voice is still weak, she said to hold the calls, but you can text and email and she will respond as she is able. So her path is clear, one she knows all too well from her last transplant. She is weaker now and needs all your support and prayers on this journey to fight this new disease. I’d like to remind you of two fundraisers. The t-shirt fundraiser has sold 100 shirts or 400% of goal. You can find more information on Patty’s FB page Patty's Plan for MDS. The Newcomers and Neighbors Club fundraiser, which will happen on May 16th in Brookfield, is now selling tables of 10 for a Night at the Races. Tickets at This is the time to tag all your friends who know Patty or the Zelles and get them to Patty’s Facebook page so they can follow and support her. She needs them now more than ever. In essence, the fight has just begun… again. With gratitude, Liz (Patty’s sister) To send a donation there are a few choices: Checks can be made out out to me M. Shanley who will give Patty one check with a list of the names of those who made donations. [M. Shanley, 14 Twilight Ln, Brookfield, CT 06804] There is also the Go Fund Me site: On the flyer for this event, it says that if you want to make a donation please email Patrice: Patrice is in change of this event.

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