31 May
 Trinity Outreach of Tampa Bay
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 Darlene Costello
A Ruby & Diamond ring which was purchased at Kay Jewelers for $2,100.00- 20+ years ago, has been donated to help us raise money for Trinity Outreach of Tampa Bay A wonderful young man has graciously donated his skills and time and stated he will put the air conditioners in free of charge. What a blessing ! Once we reach our goal of 4,000.00 the ring will be given to the individual that donated the largest gift. Summer is coming, we are in need of two air conditioners one for the transitional home where we currently house women, and another for the new building we are in the process of remodeling where we will hold classes and the office will be. Thank you in advance for your help. You may use our web site to donate via paypal, please put a note that you are donating for the air conditioner fund raiser

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